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Our Story

Weimer's inc., short for Weimer's Specialized Installation & Repair Services, inc., has been selling, installing, inspecting, and repairing gymnasium/athletic equipment for over 40 years combined. Gerald & Jacqueline Weimer started the installation business in the late 1970's in the back of their own garage. Their son Mark began working for them, during his teenage years and as the business grew, so did his knowledge of the product that he installed and repaired. In 1997, due to health reasons, Gerald, stepped down.  Mark acquired the business and he and his wife, Paula, have been going strong ever since. Every job is done with the quality and high standards, for which we are known. Weimer's expertise and experience is seen in work throughout WI, IL, MI, MN and surrounding states. Weimer's has done work in many venues; commercial buildings, private homes, recreational clubs, private and public schools, colleges, and universities, to name a few.


We are still a family owned and operated business, which allows us flexibility to give your job the priority it deserves and gives us insight into specific details regarding your project. No project is too big or too small ~ Weimer's inc. sells, installs, inspects, or repairs them all.


Our staff is trained personally by Mark, himself, on installation, inspection, and repairs. Every inspection is handled the way you want it to be handled with the option of the repairs to be done at the time of the inspection with a written report of what was repaired or to just have the inspection done, with a written report stating what needs to be fixed. We will even tell you if your bleachers' current code compliant requirement are met. WEIMER'S Inc. does it ALL!

Weimer's is a licensed dealer to handle brands such as: Gared, Bison, IPI, Porter, Athletic Connections, Draper, First Team, and JayPro. 


Weimer's has installed, inspected, or repaired:

  • Basketball backstops

  • Soccer goals

  • Scoreboards - inside or outdoor

  • Bleachers / Stadium seating / Theater seating - inside or outdoor 

  • Volleyball systems

  • Floor sleeves /Cover Plates

  • Aquatic lane pads and timers 

  • Gym divider curtains- roll-up/ walk draw/ fold-up 

  • Football goal posts 

  • Safety straps 

  • Electric winches 

  • School banners / Flag poles

  • Wall pads 

  • L.D. Swings

  • Batting Cages / Tunnels - indoor or outdoor

  •  Video boards,




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