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Just like most mechanical devices, the first generation of LynRus  Aut-O-Loc units are showing significant signs of wear as many of them have been in use for well over 15 years. LynRus is advising us, to let our customers know, to have their units inspected by Weimer's inc,  an experienced gym equipment installer, to determine if any unit should be replaced.

Wear can occur from usage such as a stressed belt from catching loads while used on a hoist without cable control or frayed belts from rubbing on cable or structure. The life of the belt material is approximately 15 years in an ideal situation and installations where the recommended attachments were not used have shown in our testing to yield catastrophic results.

The first generation Aut-O-Loc did not have the integrated fall detection mechanisms that are in the current model and many units may have caught backstop falls and been re-installed instead of being replaced.

Even though these older units still retract and extend when the basket is raised and lowered we are concerned that in the event of a cable or structure failure the combined age and wear could result in a unit not catching an equipment fall which could result in severe damage to the structure or even serious injury or death.


First Generation Aut-O-Loc

LynRus is recommending our customers to have, Weimer's inc.,  an experienced equipment installer, inspect their Aut-O-Loc backstop safety units and check the age and condition of each unit.

 If a unit looks like the image shown here and has a serial number lower than 079479 it is more than 15 years of age and we are strongly encouraging those customers to replace these units with a new Aut-O-Loc 3 unit to ensure the safety of their gym should overhead equipment fail. 

LynRus has been increasing overhead equipment safety in Americas gymnasiums for over 69 years. Their engineers worked tirelessly using their experience from installations all over the world, to develop the third patented generation, of Aut-O-loc technology. Their latest model the Aut-O-Loc 3 is the strongest and fastest acting safety strap on the market and they are looking forward to more innovation to come as we learn more about what makes their products perform better in the future.

aut-o-loc - old_edited.jpg

A closer look at 1st Generation Aut-O-Loc shown above

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