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Did you know.....

Bleacher inspections are required by national code.  By code, it is the owner's responsibility to have the bleachers inspected and maintained annually and at least biennially the bleachers must be inspected by a professional engineer or qualified service personnel.  If your bleachers have not been inspected recently, give us a call to schedule a bleacher inspection.

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Did you know.....

It is strongly recommended by the manufacturer of your athletic equipment to inspect it annually , depending on how much it is used, even bi-annually. Let us help you, make sure your warranty is enforced.

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During our inspection, we not only do minor repairs onsite if requested, we work with your facilities' staff to educate them, on how to find a solution, to any bigger issues or safety concerns we may come upon. Afterwards, we prepare a written report letting you know what we did during the inspection and stating, if any, issues we found. If we did find a safety concern, we will follow up with written proposal on how to address it and to see how you would like to to proceed.

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